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Everyone has the right to know their rights

The Human Rights Guide is a European platform for human rights education. It offers educational tools and resources on human rights for society at large and professionals and serves as a cooperation network for organisations and public sector institutions in the area of human rights education. The Human Rights Guide was founded on the idea that everyone has the right to know their rights.

Our mission is to provide country-specific, multilingual, open-access, and user-friendly human rights education resources that help individuals and professionals to understand human rights and to develop competences in applying human rights in specific situations. Our vision is to develop a joint European platform that helps to raise and consolidate the common understanding and ownership of human rights among citizens, professionals, and institutions, thus contributing to an informed and responsible society based on democracy, good governance, and the rule of law.

Our story

Developed in the Baltics

The Human Rights Guide was founded by the Riga-based non-governmental organisation Baltic Human Rights Society as a Baltic initiative. The Human Rights Guide was first launched in Latvia (2016), followed by Estonia and Lithuania (2017). The Human Rights Guide became a European platform when it was launched in Bulgaria (2019), Slovenia (2021), and Slovakia (2021). Further launches are planned in France (2023) and Croatia (2023).

Our network

Contributing to human rights education in Europe and beyond

— Baltic Human Rights Society (Latvia)
— Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (Bulgaria)
— Estonian Human Rights Centre (Estonia)
— Human Rights House Zagreb (Croatia)
— Institut international des droits de l’Homme et de la paix (France)
— Human Rights Voice (Lithuania)
— Human Rights Monitoring Institute (Lithuania)
— NGO Law Institute (Lithuania)
— Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Slovakia (Slovakia)
— The Peace Institute – Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies (Slovenia)

The Human Rights Guide was first launched in Baltics with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands (2013-2016). The content and new features of the Human Rights Guide such as Knowledge assessment tool, Rights Compendium, Case Box and Infographics, were further developed in Baltics with the support of Nordplus (2016-2022). The Human Rights Guide has been maintained, supplemented with new content, disseminated and expanded to other EU countries with the financial support of EU Programme Erasmus+ (2017-2023) and co-financing of the Ministry of Culture of Latvia. In 2022 Baltic Human Rights Society started the cooperation with the Active Citizens Fund of Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway which is providing a long-term support for human rights education activities, including the Human Rights Guide.

The Human Rights Guide has received the patronage of the UNESCO National Commission of Latvia and the Ombudsman of Latvia.

Human Rights Guide

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