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Education and communication

Human Rights Voice Lithuania hosts various educational events. The organization is responsible for implementation of Anne Frank Youth Network’s activities in Lithuania on critical thinking, non-discrimination, media literacy and hate speech.

The organization coordinates Žmogausteisė - a portal for human rights education. Human Rights Voice Lithuania is the coordinator of Human Rights Guide in Lithuania as well. 

The think tank creates a podcast about human rights, stereotypes in Lithuanian called “Žmogaus teisių balsas” and implements various human rights communication campaigns on social media.


Organization conducts research on various human rights topics, also research for implementation of human rights standards in Lithuania. Based on the research the organization prepares recommendations for implementation of human rights standards.


Human Rights Voice Lithuania constantly monitors new legal initiatives and the general public space for any relevant events. The organization actively responds and provides its expert opinion and consultations on various human rights topics. Whenever the organization encounters a human rights violation, the organization puts in the effort to cooperate with responsible state institutions.


  • Research
  • Human rights education and communication
  • Advocacy
  • Coordination of Human Rights Guide in Lithuania
  • Coordination of the portal Žmogausteisė

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