In general, human rights do not provide for a right to appeal in all cases and all disputes. However, if the Lithuanian law allows you to appeal a lower court’s decision, which it does in the majority of cases, higher courts at all stages of appeal have to follow the requirements and guarantees of a fair trial. 

Court of appeal or higher court

In Lithuania the judgement of the court of first instance can be appealed before a higher court – the court of appeal (apygardos teismas). In the review process, the court of appeal has the same power to consider the case as the lower court (including all disputes about the facts of your case and the correct application of law). Generally your rights and obligations before the court of appeal are the same as before the court of first instance. However, depending on what issues you have disputed in your appeal, some of your rights (such as the right to request an oral hearing or the right to be present at the hearing) may be more limited. For instance, the process in the court of the appeals is usually written. 

In administrative offences cases there is no possibility of appealing the judgement of the court of appeal before the court of cassation. 

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